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A quick summary

An abstract, if you will.

Martijn works as a software engineer for Flexmail, the best email marketing platform out there. Aside from that, he builds professional websites with powerful copywriting for local businesses. That's called CKX. In the past, he organised multiple events, worked as a cyber security analyst for Europe's biggest bug bounty platform, and co-founded a digital innovation studio.

  • Software engineering
  • Cyber security
  • Event organisation
  • Entrepreneurial mind

Martijn's experience displays eagerness and enthusiasm.


Martijn has been solving problems with his technical skills from day one.

As a secondary activity throughout his education and professional career, Martijn is not afraid to experiment with how he can add value to the world.

Take a look at his past and current ventures. Want to brainstorm about an idea of your own? Feel free to get in touch.

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Professional websites and powerful copywriting.

At CKX, Martijn and his partner provide an attractive all-in-one package to help your business with a strong online presence.

CKX focuses on results by keeping your target audience in mind, and digitising your tasks to save your valuable time.


Automating and digitising business processes.

Headr builds digital tools to alleviate administrative tasks and to innovate on the important aspects of your business.

Headr is still going strong, but Martijn is no longer involved. At the time, he decided he wanted to focus on his cyber security skills.


Martijn leverages his skill set to elevate companies from within.

Along with technical skills and an eagerness to innovate, Martijn brings contagious excitement and optimism to your team.

Martijn is not looking for a new opportunity right now, but is always open to connect so you can help each other in the future.

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Software Engineer at Flexmail

As a software engineer, Martijn works on Flexmail's powerful yet simple email newsletter tool with stellar support.

Using Flexmail, you can design campaigns tailored to your needs, reach the people that matter to you, and learn from the right results.


Cyber Security Analyst at Intigriti

At Europe's #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform Intigriti, Martijn helped to ensure all security vulnerabilities that get submitted to our platform are of excellent quality.

Additionally, he was the client-facing security expert assisting Intigriti's Customer Success team, explaining technical vulnerabilities to clients and giving advice on assessments day-to-day.

Gaining technical experience

As a student, Martijn never passed on an opportunity to improve his technical skills.

In an internal IT team from a factory, and in a team of seasoned cyber security experts.

These experiences helped shape Martijn into a confident technical professional.


Security internship at The Security Factory

At The Security Factory (tSF), Martijn did a spontaneous internship where he learned a lot during the introductory day of one-on-one coaching, and got to apply his existing skills with the newly gathered techniques to assist the pentest team for multiple real-world projects.

Firstly, he attacked and reported on the full networking infrastructure of a client. Afterwards, the team got to work on a web platform. Lastly, they found and reported multiple security flaws in a mobile application.


IT department at Greenyard

On the IT department of Greenyard Prepared, Martijn joined the system admin group for the summer.

Working with this very specialised company has taught him the value of optimising workflows.

Empowering others

During his time at Hasselt University, Martijn loved to empower others in any way he could.

He started as the student representative for computer science, and quickly became the go-to contact point for existing and new students.

Those early moments of empowering others motivated him to teach kids how to code and help a friend in their videography business.


Programming coach at CoderDojo

At most once a month, Martijn spent his time as a coach at CoderDojo Hasselt as a volunteer. CoderDojo organises workshops to teach children and teenagers the basics of computational thinking.

CoderDojo Hasselt offers programming in Python or Scratch, Lego Mindstorms and Minecraft (redstone and mods).


Camera assistant for Tim Vervoort

Helping to record a dance show, a theatre... Without any experience with professional camera equipment, Martijn went on to help a friend who found himself suddenly short staffed.

Martijn gained some knowledge about (handling) cameras, do-s and don't-s for lighting, recording angles... But most importantly: satisfied clients and a friend back on track.

Organising events

For dozens and hundreds of people.

As the lead organiser of TEDxUHasselt, Martijn organised multiple successful editions of this event for hundreds of live attendees.

He also led Spark Your Idea, a student entrepreneurship event, and UHCTF, a creative Cyber Security competition for computer science students at Hasselt University.


Lead organiser of TEDxUHasselt

After four years of actively organising the yearly TEDxUHasselt event, Martijn can proudly look back on many successful editions.

These events shared powerful ideas to a live audience of upwards of 700 people. Allow Martijn to highlight the edition where he was the lead organiser: TEDxUHasselt 2019, Bright Ideas.


Head of organisation at Spark Your Idea

Martijn organised Spark Your Idea, an event to promote student entrepreneurship and provide practical tips and tricks to students considering a career as an entrepreneur.


Organiser of UHCTF

Organising a Cyber Security competition for Hasselt University (computer science) students, called UHCTF. Creating multiple challenges, coordinating partnerships and accommodation.

A Capture The Flag (or CTF) challenges its participants to find hidden information in various digital scenarios.