Martijn's education and awards

Martijn setting at his desk

Always improving

Martijn's prizes and awards show that he's keen to learn and improve after a substantial educational career.

Martijn wants to excel in what he does, from new techniques in web development, to cyber security skills. Soft skills are equally important to Martijn. His natural excitement and optimism, combined with a thirst for learning, resulted in awards and certifications in those areas too.


Martijn graduated cum laude for his master's in computer science.


Prizes in cyber security, project management, and more.


Martijn is academically educated, and has a master's degree in computer science.


Latin in middle school

After completing local pre-school and primary school, Martijn studied Latin in middle school. After that, he discovered his love for science.


Maths & sciences in high school

Martijn learnt to think like a scientist: mathematically and critically. That is the most important skill that he still takes with him from having this science education in high school at Sint-Augustinusinstituut.


Academic Bachelor in computer science

Martijn gathered knowledge and skills in many different aspects of computer science. Programming (and paradigms), maths & logic, and specific fields in computer science formed the heart of this education. Martijn graduated cum laude from Hasselt University.


Master in computer science

In this academic setting, Martijn specialised in networking and security. He learnt the ins and outs of building secure environments on the web, and how to create robust and safe infrastructure to support those platforms. He also took classes in big data, interfaces, and AI. Martijn graduated cum laude again from Hasselt University.

Martijn at the European Cyber Security Challenge in Prague

Cyber security competitions

Martijn has competed in local, national and international cyber security competitions. These competitions take the form of a 'capture the flag' competition (CTF). In this format, multiple pieces of vulnerable software are set up. Participants gain points for hacking into each different one, where points vary based on category and difficulty.

Martijn receiving the PMI Student Project Management award from PMI Belgium

Awards and recognitions

With a native-level grasp of English, effective leadership skills, and a knack for innovation, Martijn has made his mark. An impressive display of project management during TEDxUHasselt resulted in the PMI Student Project Management Award. Ingenuity was on display when he won the Solar City Award for creating an energy-neutral window blind solution. And that's not all.