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web developer ethical hacker designer frisbee player

I love building applications on the web. Or telling you how I am able to hack yours, so we can fix the problem together. When I'm not at my desk, you can probably find me throwing and catching flying discs at the Ultimate Frisbee club Diabolic Heaven.

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I speak all languages.

Except for Chinese. And boy, do many languages sound like Chinese to me.

Martijn talking and gesturing

Sometimes I write articles.

I don't publish consistently. I might not publish at all. But I want to write online, because I believe writing about something forces you to understand it more thoroughly. I want to have a good understanding of programming (on the web), hacking, technology, language, and more. So expect articles on those topics.

By Martijn Luyckx

The press
wrote about me.

Occasionally, my name appears in press articles. When 'Martijn Luyckx' (or something I did) appears online, I try to list it here.

By Martijn Luyckx

Analytics and privacy? Self-hosting Plausible on Easypanel.

Analytics are useful. Google Analytics slows down your website considerably and tracks your visitors. So let's use Plausible.

By Martijn Luyckx

People used my app over
15 million times in one month.

When Facebook leaked 500 million phone numbers, my tool let people check for themselves if their number was leaked.

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