Martijn Luyckx wrote some articles.

By Martijn Luyckx

The press
wrote about me.

Occasionally, my name appears in press articles. When 'Martijn Luyckx' (or something I did) appears online, I try to list it here.

By Martijn Luyckx

Analytics and privacy? Self-hosting Plausible on Easypanel.

Analytics are useful. Google Analytics slows down your website considerably and tracks your visitors. So let's use Plausible.

By Martijn Luyckx

People used my app over 15 million times in one month.

When Facebook leaked 500 million phone numbers, my tool let people check for themselves if their number was leaked.

By Martijn Luyckx

Productivity macOS apps I use every day.

I spend a lot of time on a computer. A Mac, specifically. I've built quite a list of apps I use on a daily basis. Let me tell you about them.

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